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Storage of capacitors Aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Storage of capacitors
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors


Storing aluminum electrolytic capacitors at high temperatures or in direct sunlight will cause the electrolyte within the capacitor to evaporate through the rubber end seals. The loss of electrolyte through accelerated evaporation causes the capacitance to decrease and increases in the dissipation factor, ESR and leakage current. The life expectancy of the capacitors will also be decreased. The solderability of the capacitors can also be compromised.
Do not store aluminum electrolytic capacitors in wet or humid conditions or outdoors. Storing capacitors in moist conditions can corrode the lead wires which can prevent the capacitors from soldering properly.
Storage in oil, ultraviolet ray, ozone and radiation will cause the deterioration of the rubber end seals causing the capacitors end seals weaken resulting in the reliability of the capacitors to be compromised.
Storing aluminum electrolytic capacitors should between +5°C and +40°C with 75% relative humidity and indoors.
Storing aluminum electrolytic capacitors should also be limited to 2 years after which time the capacitors should be checked for compliance to specifications. If the capacitors have any specification out of specification the capacitors can be reconditioned. After reconditioning the capacitors can be stored up to 2 additional years. Capacitors that have been stored for over 2 years after reconditioning should be scrapped and new parts should be used. 

Film capacitors
Film capacitors like aluminum electrolytic capacitors should be stored under controlled conditions to prevent any deterioration of the capacitors. Film capacitors should be stored in similar conditions to aluminum electrolytic capacitors except film capacitors can be stored for many years before they will drift out of specifications.

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Lead time of SOT-23 small signal devices

Lead time of SOT-23 small signal devices
Some of our competitors are currently offering extreme long lead times on small signal devices, especially in SOT-23 package.

Topdiode can provide most of these parts within two to four wee


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Topdiode Declaration of Metal Conflict-Free​

Topdiode Declaration of Metal Conflict-Free

Topdiode Manufacturing is taking and will take due diligence within our supply chain to assure “DRC Conflict-Free” for the metals of gold(Au), tantalum(Ta), tungsten(W), cobalt(Co) and tin(Sn) are not derived from or sourced from mines in conflict areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), or illegally taxed on trade routes, either of which are controlled by non-governmental military groups, or unlawful military factions. Trade routes not confirmed to be “Conflict Free” include direct exports from the DRC, as well as exports through Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya (countries of whom the U.N. Security Council note are global export routes for DRC-mined minerals).

Topdiode declare the metal Conflict-Free on all products (diode, bridge, transistors) which listed on website  http:// www.topdiode.com

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Distributors Wanted

Distributors Wanted

Topdiode Manufacturing is currently looking for distributors and sales representative all around the world.

If you would like to discuss becoming a distributor for Topdiode, please contact:
Sales Manager
Tel.: +86 (0) 769 8282 7329
Skype: topdiode    
MSN: topdiode@gmail.com 
Email: sales@topdiode.com

In order to be considered as a Business Partner, it is necessary to prepare the below information:

 Your company information, please
 Your proposal plan for how to promote and distribute Topdiode's diode, bridge, transistor.
 Your company activity for advertisement.
 Your current business introduction.
 What kind of support do you expect from us?

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​1 Amp Rectifier for Every Need (M7 1N4007

 1 Amp Rectifier for Every Need (M7 1N4007


 1Amp rectifiers are the "workhorses" in a lot of electronic applications. These products are used to do the rectification of the mains voltage

and are usually only loaded with 100 milliAmps.

While the 1N4007 was formerly the state of the art for such applications, now Surface Mount versions (SMDs) are in a much wider use.

In order to react to the always changing demands of the market and our customers, we at Topdiode are pleased to invite you to check our 1 Amp

Rectifiers below.

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Surface Mount Silicon Rectifier Diode SM4001 - SM4007----Topdiode Strong Offer

 Surface Mount Silicon Rectifier Diode SM4001 - SM4007----Topdiode Strong Offer
 SM4001  SM4002  SM4003  SM4004  SM4005  SM4006  SM4007
* VOLTAGE RANGE 50 to 1000 Volts CURRENT 1.0 Ampere
* Plastic case Melf/DO-213AB
* SPQ: 5000pcs per reel
* Hight Current Capability
* Low Forward Voltage Drop
* Hight Reliability and Low Leakage
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Bridge MB10S and cross reference-- Topdiode Strong Offer

Bridge MB10S and cross reference-- Topdiode Strong Offer
The MB family of bridge rectifiers is a 0.5 A rectifier family that achieves high surge current absorption within a very small foot print. Here list some features:
Glass passivated chip junction
 High surge overload rating: 35A peak
 Ideal for printed circuit board
 MB2S, MB6S, MB8S, MB10S

Cross Reference for MB2S ~ MB10S

Topdiode P/N





Comchip TW









































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Recruitment notice of Topdiode

Recruitment notice of Topdiode
Topdiode Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range discrete components, such as General Purpose Rectifier, Switching Diode, Zener Diode, TVS Diode, Schottky Diode, Bi-directional Trigger Diode, Fast Recovery Diode, Bridge Rectifier THT & SMT, Small Signal Transistors. Topdiode Manufacturing Company serves the consumer electronics, computing, communications, and industrial markets.
Topdiode owns around 750 employees and 65 professional technical personnel; production capacity around 4.5 billion in 2012.
If you are interested in below positions, please contact us at info@topdiode.com or call 8282 7329, please.
PMC worked in factory
QC worked in factory
Sales assistant

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Topdiode Bridge Rectifier Application Knowledge

Topdiode Bridge Rectifier Application Knowledge
As we all know, bridge recitifier are widely used on different applications. Blow list some common bridge recitifier's application.
KBP sereis is widely used in the household appliances such as power adapter, LCD power supply, set-top boxes, cash registers, etc.
ABS sereis is widely used in micro ac rectifier circuits of electronic equipment, such as mobile phones, MP3 / MP4, multimedia console mini charger, LED mini lights, high-grade energy-saving lamps.
D3K sereis are widely applied in all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment, D3K is the most popular in Adapter, LED driver, HID driver, LCD Power Supply and CRT Power Supply.
4KBJ sereis currently the industry: Liquid crystal display (LCD-TV) industry, Chassis Power, Waterproofing system.
6KBJ sereis currently the industry:
1、Small appliances Cooker: GBJ1508、GBJ2008
2、Serve(Server control panel):GBJ2510
3、Professional power amplifier, mixer:GBJ2010、GBJ2510
4、High-power LED waterproof power supply:KBJ\GBJ1510
DB sereis now used in industry in which is a power supply adapter (phone charger), instrumentation (temperature controller, timer), LED waterproof power supply.
BR/KBPC sereis now used in Juicer \ Blender (BR3 \ KBPC6), electric tools (switch parts KBPC1 \ BR3 terminal, motor control part KBPC6).
The advantage of GBU has three points:
Thin appearance, easy to row circuit boards
Temperature effect is good
GBU is frame structure, good cooling performance and low comprehensive cost

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SMT / SMD Component Packages

SMT / SMD Component Packages
----an overview of the different SMD component packages used for surface mount technology, SMT components

Surface mount technology, SMT includes:
SMT overview
SMD component packages
SMD resistor
SMD resistor markings
MELF SMD resistor
SMD capacitor
Quad Flat Package, QFP
BGA, Ball Grid Array
Surface mount technology, SMT components come in a variety of packages.
As surface mount technology has improved many packages have decreased in size. Additionally there is a variety of different SMT packages for integrated circuits dependent upon the interconnectivity required, the technology being used and a variety of other factors.

Standards for surface mount packages
To provide some degree of uniformity, sizes of most SMT components conform to industry standards, many of which are JEDEC specifications. Obviously different SMT packages are used for different types of components, but the fact that there are standards enables activities such as printed circuit board design to be simplified. Additionally the use of standard size packages simplifies the manufacture because pick and place machines can use standard feed for the SMT components, considerably simplifying the manufacturing process and saving costs.
The different SMT packages can be categorised by the type of component, and there are standard packages for each.

Passive rectangular components
These SMT components are mainly resistors and capacitors which form the bulk of the number of components used. There are several different sizes which have been reduced as technology has enabled smaller components to be manufactured and used.

Of these sizes, the 1812, and 1206 sizes are now only used for specialized components or ones requiring larger levels of power to be dissipated The 0603 and 0402 SMT sizes are the most widely used.

Tantalum capacitors SMD packages
As a result of the different construction and requirements for tantalum SMT capacitors, there are some different packages that are used for them. These conform to EIA specifications.

Semiconductor SMD packages
There is a wide variety of SMT packages used for semiconductors including diodes, transistors and integrated circuits. The reason for the wide variety of SMT packages for integrated circuits results from the large variation in the level of interconnectivity required. Some of the main packages are given below

Transistor & diode packages
SMD transistors and diodes often share the same types of package. While diodes only have two electrodes a package having three enables the orientation to be correctly selected.

SMD diodes on a printed circuit
Although a variety of SMT transistor and diode packages are available, some of the most popular are given in the list below.
SOT-23 - Small Outline Transistor:   This is SMT package has three terminals for a diode of transistor, but it can have more pins when it may be used for small integrated circuits such as an operational amplifier, etc. It measures 3 mm x 1.75 mm x 1.3 mm.
SOT-223 - Small Outline Transistor:   This package is used for higher power devices. It measures 6.7 mm x 3.7 mm x 1.8 mm. There are generally four terminals, one of which is a large heat-transfer pad.

Integrated circuit SMD packages
There are many forms of package that are used for SMD ICs. Although there is a large variety, each one has the areas where its use is particularly applicable.
SOIC - Small Outline Integrated Circuit :   This SMD IC package has a dual in line configuration and gull wing leads with a pin spacing of 1.27 mm
SOP - Small Outline Package:   There are several versions of this SMD package:

TSOP - Thin Small Outline Package:   This SMD package is thinner than the SOIC and has a smaller pin spacing of 0.5 mm
SSOP - Shrink Small Outline Package:   This package has a pin spacing of 0.635 mm
TSSOP - Thin Shrink Small Outline Package:  
QSOP - Quarter-size Small Outline Package:   It has a pin spacing of 0.635 mm
VSOP - Very Small Outline Package:   This is smaller than the QSOP and has pin spacing of 0.4, 0.5, or 0.65 mm.
QFP- Quad flat pack:   The QFP is the generic type of flat package for ICs. There are several variants as detailed below.

LQFP - Low profile Quad Flat Pack:   This package has pins on all four sides. Pin spacing varies according to the IC, but the height is 1.4 mm.
PQFP - Plastic Quad Flat Pack:   A square plastic package with equal number of gull wing style pins on each side. Typically narrow spacing and often 44 or more pins. Normally used for VLSI circuits.
CQFP - Ceramic Quad Flat Pack:   A ceramic version of the PQFP.
TQFP - Thin Quad Flat Pack:   A thin version of the PQFP.
Read more about the QFP - Quad Flat Pack
BGA - Ball Grid Array:   A package that uses pads underneath the package to make contact with the printed circuit board. Before soldering the pads appear as solder balls, giving rise to the name.
By placing the pads underneath the package there is more room for them, thereby overcoming some of the problems of the very thin leads required for the quad flat packs. The ball spacing on BGAs is typically 1.27 mm. Read more about the Ball Grid Array
PLCC - Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier:   This type of package is square and uses J-lead pins with a spacing of 1.27 mm. Read more about the PLCC Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier

SMD package applications
SMT surface mount technology packages are used for most printed circuit designs that are going to be manufactured in any quantity. Although it may appear there are a relatively wide number of different packages, the level of standardization is still sufficiently good. In any case it arises mainly out of the enormous variety in the function of the components.