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Dipped Tantalum Capacitors Part Number Breakdowns

List of Popular Dipped Tantalum Capacitor CA42 Series

About UF Capacitors' CA42 Series Dipped Tantalum Capacitors

About UF Capacitors' CA42 Series Dipped Tantalum Capacitors

One of the most popular of the thru-hole style capacitors are the dipped tantalum capacitors. Resin dipped tantalum capacitors are often used in commercial and industrial applications. Some of the advantages of using tantalum as a dielectric are: They have a higher volumetric efficiency when compared to other types of capacitors.

They take up very little space on a printed circuit board. Tantalum capacitors have superior frequency characteristics over other types of capacitors. They are very reliable, with a shelf life that is regarded as unlimited. They do not wear out in production. They can function with a very wide temperature range (-55° to +125°C).

These types of capacitors are very durable. They are coated with a flame retardant resin that allows the capacitor to be effective in most kinds of environments. They feature low leakage current and impedance.

The lead spacing and form outline are very important in selecting your choice of dipped tantalum capacitor. Lead spacing is determined is offered in a few common spreads. Please visit our datasheet: http://www.topdiode.com/pdf/CA42_Dipped_Tantalum_Cap.pdf

These capacitors are made to specific case sizes. UF Capacitors' CA42 series of dipped radial tantalum capacitors in 5 case sizes.

Since a dipped radial tantalum capacitor is polarized it is important to understand how these units are marked to ensure that they are inserted properly into the circuit. We have included charts they will show you how some of the leading manufacturers mark this style of capacitor along with the most common lead forms.

Some applications where you can use a dipped tantalum capacitor are bypassing, coupling, blocking, filtering and timing in wide range of commercial, industrial and military applications. Other types of capacitors that can be used for these applications are ceramic and film capacitors. Each dielectric has advantages and disadvantages. The tantalum advantages are higher capacitance values within a given package size and stability of capacitance with applied DC voltage.

Performance Characteristics:
Capacitance range starts from 0.1uF up to 680uF.
Voltage range is from 3VDC up to 50VDC.
Tolerancee is usually 10% or 20%.
Temperature range is from -55 °C up to 125 °C. 

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