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Each day brings a new technical innovations, and the demand for smaller, more portable and more functional electronics. This puts pressure on power supplies 
to be light and small, run for long periods of time (i.e., have lots of energy), and meet the demands of multiple high current loads (i.e., have a high power 
capability). Simply put, these demands cannot be met by any one portable power supply.

For decades, batteries have been the preferred storage device for portable electronics, mainly because of their ability to store energy (high energy density). 
But batteries take a long time to discharge and recharge, which limits their ability to deliver power. Overcoming this power deficit is difficult, if not impossible, 
and even newer battery technologies such as lithium ion are still a poor solution for high power applications. In applications demanding high power, over-engineering the battery will rarely be the right solution, and will typically result in increased size, weight, and cost, and/or reduced cycle life and energy. 
In other words, a magic bullet is hard to find.

This power deficit is being stretched further by the explosion in the Internet of Things (IoT). These applications are usually wireless-enabled, and yet they demand ever smaller and more portable devices, with more features and functions. Wireless transmissions, even over very short distances,
 present a tremendous power challenge to the necessarily small batteries being used in IoT devices.

Supercapacitors will be a critical enabling technology for the IoT, offering a unique combination of high power and high energy, in a thin, flat and very small 
package, to improve battery performance, and in some cases, when used with an ambient energy harvesting module or rapid recharge system, replacing the 
need to use a battery at all.

What Makes Super capacitors Super?
Supercapacitors combine the energy storage properties of batteries with the power discharge characteristics of capacitors.
To achieve their energy density, they contain electrodes composed of very high surface area activated carbon, with a molecule-thin layer of electrolyte. Since the amount of energy able to be stored in a capacitor is proportional to the surface area of the electrode, and inversely 
proportional to the gap between the electrode and the electrolyte, supercapacitors have an extremely high energy density. They are therefore able to 
hold a very high electrical charge.
The high power density derives from the fact that the energy is stored as a static charge. Unlike a battery, there is no chemical reaction required to charge or 
discharge a supercapacitor, so it can be charged and discharged very quickly (milliseconds to seconds). Similarly, and again unlike a battery, because there are 
no chemical reactions going on, the charge-discharge cycle life of a supercapacitor is almost unlimited.

Super capacitor Characteristics
Charge/Discharge Time: Milliseconds to seconds
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85C°
Operating Voltage: Aqueous electrolytes ~1V; Organic electrolytes 2 – 3V
Capacitance: 1mF to >10,000F
Operating Life: 5,000 to 50,000 hrs (a function of temperature and voltage)
Power Density: 0.01 to 10 kW/ kg
Energy Density: 0.05 to 10 Wh/ kg
Pulse Load: 0.1 to 100A
Pollution Potential: No heavy metals

Super capacitor Advantages
Provide peak power and backup power
Extend battery run time and battery life
Reduce battery size, weight and cost
Enable low/high temperature operation
Improve load balancing when used in parallel with a battery
Provide energy storage and source balancing when used with energy harvesters
Cut pulse current noise
Lessen RF noise by eliminating DC/DC
Minimise space requirements
Meet environmental standards

UF capacitors, an 27+ years ISO manufacturing in China.
Now #Eatn #Elna #Kemet #AVX have L/T issue.  We has stock & fast delivery 2-3 weeks or stock 
We produce equivalent to Eaton #KR series, ELNA #DB series, Korchip #DCS series, Vishay #MAL, AVX #SCC series, Kemet, #Vishay etc. 
Coin type super capacitors 0.22F, 0.33F, 0.47F,  0.68F, 1F 5.5V in stock.

CL23 Mini box 5mm pitch metalized polyester capacitors.

UF Capacitors are ISO 9001: 2008 certified manufacturer.  We produce ceramic capacitors, radial tantalum capacitors and kinds of MKT MKP film capacitors.
UF Capacitors Offer:
CL23 Mini box 5mm pitch metalized polyester capacitors.
Replacement of Kemet: MKT R82 (R85), Epcos B32529
Lead time: 2-4 weeks

1000pF 100V +/-5% P: 5mm Bulk RoHS       US$0.016/pc

2200pF 400V +/-5% P: 5mm Bulk RoHS       US$0.020/pc

0.68uF 100V +/-5% P: 5mm Bulk RoHS       US$0.065/pc



Vishay Capacitor Mono-Kap 199D 561R 564R

Below I listed you Vishay’s capacitors, we UF Capacitors have replacement offer to Vishay’s cap. We do NOT sell Vishay’s capacitors, and we are manufacturer producing capacitors ourselves in China. Our high quality capacitors can replace Vishay’s below series: Mono-Kap, 199D, A series Axial MLCC, 561R &564R high voltage disc cap.

Do you buy or use Vishay’s capacitors? You could please send me the description or part number, I will cross and quote you.  For many common capacitors, we keep wide stock!

Vishay  K Series Mono-Kap:   Dipped Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for 50 - 100 Vdc
UF Capacitors’ equivalence offer: CT4 radial multilayer ceramic capacitor

VISHAY  199D   Solid-Electrolyte TANTALEX® Capacitors, Resin-Coated, Radial-Lead
UF Capacitors’ equivalence offer: CA42 radial tantalum capacitors

Vishay  A Series  Axial Leaded Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3, 50 VDC, 100 VDC, 200 VDC, 500 VDC
UF Capacitors’ equivalence offer:  CT42 axial lead, multilayer ceramic capacitor

Vishay   561R Series  Lower Voltage Ceramic DC Disc Capacitors 1000 VDC Precision Capacitors
564R and 565R Series  Lower Voltage Ceramic Singlelayer DC Disc Capacitors 2 kVDC to 7.5 kVDC
UF Capacitors' equivalence offer: CT81 high voltage disc ceramic capacitors, 500V to 10KV

High capacitance chip MLCC

High capacitance chip MLCC, Common items with regular stock pls contact sales@topdiode.com  www.topdiode.com

1206, 10nF, +/-10%, 1KV, X7R, T&R, RoHS
1210, 22uF, +/-20%, 16V, X7R, T&R, RoHS
1206, 100uF, +/-20%, 10V, X5R, T&R, RoHS
0603, 10uF, +/-20%, 10V, X5R, T&R, RoHS 0805,
4.7uF, +/-10%, 50V, X5R, T&R, RoHS
0805, 22uF, +/-20%, 16V, X5R, T&R, RoHS
1206, 100uF, +/-20%, 10V, X5R, T&R, RoHS

Ms. Win Tang
Sales Manager
Skype: topdiode
Tel.: +86-(0)769 8252 3211
Topdiode Group & UF Capacitors Factory
ISO 9001: 2008, Military Qualification: GJB90018:2009 for tantalum cap RoHS, Reach, Halogen free, Metal Conflict Free Manufacturer for: Capacitors, MOVs, Diodes, Bridge, Transistors

CAP ALUM 100uF 16V SMD Price Offer

Dear ,

Nice day! Could you please check our SMD Alum Capacitor Price Offer?

We offer very strong prices for SMD electrolytic capacitors: 85’C 105’C Standard, long life series, low impedance SMD electrolytic capacitors.

Our SMD ELCO Capacitors meet RoHS, Reach, Halogen free, please visit our PDF SPEC and certifications on website.

Our TCS, TCK series can replace Epcos B41112, B41123, Samwha SC/RC Series, Nichicon UWX, UWT series. Pls check our download page, you will find our company profile, catalogue, and cross guide for capacitors, MOVs.  Cross guide will be very helpful for your sales!

Pls check below our offer, welcome to send your inquiry for capacitors and MOVs. Thank you.

Panasonic EEE-HA1V220WR Our Offer: 22uF 35V +/-20% 5x 5.4mm 1000h 105’C T&R RoHS US$0.0148/pc
Panasonic EEE-HA1C101WP Our Offer: 100uF 16V +/-20% 6.3x5.4mm 1000h 105’CT&R RoHSUS$0.0192/pc
Panasonic EEE-HA1H470XP Our Offer: 47uF 50V +/-20% 6.3x7.7mm 2000h 105’C T&R RoHS  US$0.023/pc
Panasonic EEE-HA1H470UP Our Offer: 47uF 50V +/-20% 8x10.5mm 2000h 105’C T&R RoHS US$0.0465/pc

Remark: for last two items, Panasonic offer 1000hours only. For standard series, our offer is 2000hours

Ms. Win Tang
Sales Manager
Skype: topdiode
Tel.: +86-(0)769 8252 3211
Topdiode Group & UF Capacitors Factory

ISO 9001: 2008, Military Qualification: GJB90018:2009 for tantalum cap
RoHS, Reach, Halogen free, Metal Conflict Free
Manufacturer for: Capacitors, MOVs, Diodes, Bridge, Transistors

MPX Series Audio Capacitors: Premium Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors, Axial Lead

MPX Series Audio Capacitors from UF Capacitors are premium, high precision metallized polypropylene film, axial lead, bipolar capacitors especially designed for audio applications. They exhibit very low ESR and inductance and handle high audio current pulses extremely well. Other features are very low dielectric absorption and dissipation factors.

Quick transient design
High Precise Capacitance +/ -3% (I),+/ -5% (J)
Wide Capacitance range 0.047~100uF
Rated voltage 250V400V630V.DC

Very Low Dielectric Absorption Factor
Very Low ESR
Very Low Dissipation Factor
Very Low Inductance
Welded and Hand Soldered Leads
Excellent Handling of High Current Audio Pulses
RoHS Compliant

Strong Offer for Radial Tantalum Capacitors

Strong Offer for Radial Tantalum Capacitors Military qualification GJB90018: 2009, RoHS, Reach, Metal conflict free.

CA45 Chip tantalum capacitors
CA45U low esr chip tantalum capacitors available
CA42 Radial tantalum capacitors, dipped type
10uF 16V +/-10% P: 2.54mm/5.08MM Bulk RoHS              US$0.0375
1uF 25V +/-10% P: 2.54mm/5.08MM Bulk RoHS              US$0.0300  
10uF 10V +/-10% P: 2.54mm/5.08MM Bulk RoHS             US$0.0320
 www.topdiode.com sales@topdiode.com Pls download 2015 new company profile, 2015 UF Capacitors Catalogue

MOVs Leaded Varistors Cross Guide

Same as Epcos, UF Capacitors Factory have standard series and advanced series MOVs. And for new design,
our engineers can provide technical support.
Due to slack business, customers need better prices for cost down, welcome to send inquiry to us!
We also produce capacitors, welcome to check TOPDIODE WEBSITE. Thank you
Metal Oxide Varisotrs (MOVs)PANASONICMAIDAEpcos/TDKLittelfuseVISHAYBournsNICComponentsThinking
Our VAR SeriesZNR TransientStandard series-DSIOV SeriesZA SeriesVDR SeriesMOV SeriesNVR SeriesTVR Series  Email: info@topdiode.com  MSN: topdiode@gmail.com   Skype: topdiode  Website:www.topdiode.com   

Dipped Tantalum Capacitors Part Number Breakdowns

List of Popular Dipped Tantalum Capacitor CA42 Series