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CAP ALUM 100uF 16V SMD Price Offer

Dear ,

Nice day! Could you please check our SMD Alum Capacitor Price Offer?

We offer very strong prices for SMD electrolytic capacitors: 85’C 105’C Standard, long life series, low impedance SMD electrolytic capacitors.

Our SMD ELCO Capacitors meet RoHS, Reach, Halogen free, please visit our PDF SPEC and certifications on website.

Our TCS, TCK series can replace Epcos B41112, B41123, Samwha SC/RC Series, Nichicon UWX, UWT series. Pls check our download page, you will find our company profile, catalogue, and cross guide for capacitors, MOVs.  Cross guide will be very helpful for your sales!

Pls check below our offer, welcome to send your inquiry for capacitors and MOVs. Thank you.

Panasonic EEE-HA1V220WR Our Offer: 22uF 35V +/-20% 5x 5.4mm 1000h 105’C T&R RoHS US$0.0148/pc
Panasonic EEE-HA1C101WP Our Offer: 100uF 16V +/-20% 6.3x5.4mm 1000h 105’CT&R RoHSUS$0.0192/pc
Panasonic EEE-HA1H470XP Our Offer: 47uF 50V +/-20% 6.3x7.7mm 2000h 105’C T&R RoHS  US$0.023/pc
Panasonic EEE-HA1H470UP Our Offer: 47uF 50V +/-20% 8x10.5mm 2000h 105’C T&R RoHS US$0.0465/pc

Remark: for last two items, Panasonic offer 1000hours only. For standard series, our offer is 2000hours

Ms. Win Tang
Sales Manager
Skype: topdiode
Tel.: +86-(0)769 8252 3211
Topdiode Group & UF Capacitors Factory

ISO 9001: 2008, Military Qualification: GJB90018:2009 for tantalum cap
RoHS, Reach, Halogen free, Metal Conflict Free
Manufacturer for: Capacitors, MOVs, Diodes, Bridge, Transistors