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Chinese Yuan devaluation, now 6.35 per dollar! Thus, we can lower some export prices!

 Topdiode Group are ISO 9001: 2008 & Military Parts Certified manufacturer for capacitors, diodes. If you have interest with us, please visit our www.topdiode.com, on Download Page, you will find our 2015 New Company Profile, UF Capacitors Catalogue, Topdiode Semiconductors Catalogue. 

 We look for sales rep and distributors all round the world! If you have interest, please do contact us by email or skype.

Topdiode/UF Capacitors strong offer list below:
ISO9001: 2008, Military Certification GJB90018:2009, RoHS, Reach, Halogen
free, Metal conflict free
Military quality control capacitors: CA42 radial tantalum capacitors, CA45 chip tantalum capacitors
CT4 Radial MLCC,  CT41 Chip MLCC 
Diodes SM4007 melf,  M7,  LL4148,  BZV55C,  1N4729A~1N4756A, SS14, SS36,
S2M…MURS260, US1M…TVS diode P6KE, SMAJ6.0…SMBJ18….
Transistors BC807 BC817, BC847, BC857

Ms. Win Tang
Sales Manager
Skype: topdiode
Tel.: +86-(0)769 8252 3211

Topdiode Group & UF Capacitors Factory
ISO 9001: 2008, Military Qualification: GJB90018:2009 for tantalum cap
RoHS, Reach, Halogen free, Metal Conflict Free
Manufacturer for: Capacitors, MOVs, Diodes, Bridge, Transistors

Strong Offer for Radial Tantalum Capacitors

Strong Offer for Radial Tantalum Capacitors Military qualification GJB90018: 2009, RoHS, Reach, Metal conflict free.

CA45 Chip tantalum capacitors
CA45U low esr chip tantalum capacitors available
CA42 Radial tantalum capacitors, dipped type
10uF 16V +/-10% P: 2.54mm/5.08MM Bulk RoHS              US$0.0375
1uF 25V +/-10% P: 2.54mm/5.08MM Bulk RoHS              US$0.0300  
10uF 10V +/-10% P: 2.54mm/5.08MM Bulk RoHS             US$0.0320
 www.topdiode.com sales@topdiode.com Pls download 2015 new company profile, 2015 UF Capacitors Catalogue