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Distributors Wanted

Distributors Wanted

Topdiode Manufacturing is currently looking for distributors and sales representative all around the world.

If you would like to discuss becoming a distributor for Topdiode, please contact:
Sales Manager
Tel.: +86 (0) 769 8282 7329
Skype: topdiode    
MSN: topdiode@gmail.com 
Email: sales@topdiode.com

In order to be considered as a Business Partner, it is necessary to prepare the below information:

 Your company information, please
 Your proposal plan for how to promote and distribute Topdiode's diode, bridge, transistor.
 Your company activity for advertisement.
 Your current business introduction.
 What kind of support do you expect from us?

Email: info@topdiode.com  MSN: topdiode@gmail.com   Skype: topdiode  Website:www.topdiode.com