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Topdiode Manufacturing Company

Topdiode Manufacturing

NINGXIA XINGRI Tantalum Capacitors Replacement

NINGXIA XINGRI ELECTRONIC CO., LTD, the biggest tantalum capacitors factory are closing down! 

NingXia XingRI stop production of below two series tantalum capacitors.
XRCA45 Molded Solid Electrolyte Tantalum Chip Capacitor
XRCA42 Epoxy-Coated Solid Electrolytic Tantalum Capacitor
Topdiode Group owned a tantalum capacitors factory in HuNan province. We can offer replacement of NingXia XingRi's tantalum capacitors.

 Brief Introduction of Topdiode

ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 manufacturer
Military approval: GJB90018-2009.
Products meet RoHS 2.0, Reach, NON-DMF
Topdiode Group tantalum capacitors series listed below, welcome to contact us for technical info or capacitors info.

CA42 Radial Epoxy Dipped Tantalum Capacitor
AVX TAP, Kemet T350-T390; Nemco TB Series
CA45 Chip Tantalum Capacitors (General Purpose)
Cross reference: AVX TAJ series, Kemet T491 Series, Vishay 293D
CA45U  Low ESR Chip Tantalum Capacitors
Cross reference: AVX TPS series

Email: info@topdiode.com  MSN: topdiode@gmail.com   Skype: topdiode  Website:www.topdiode.com

Semiconductor's New Package from Topdiode

Semiconductor's New Package from Topdiode 

Below new package have smaller size, these might not for your old design. But it will be helpful for engineer's new design, please save this email

 In case any customers ask for you. Please send us your inquiry.

Email: info@topdiode.com  MSN: topdiode@gmail.com   Skype: topdiode  Website:www.topdiode.com

Tantalum Capacitors Advantages


Regular stocks for below tantalum capacitors

CA42 dipped tantalum capacitors  (alternatives for AVX TAP series)
10uF 10V +/-20% 2.54mm
10uF 16V +/-20% 2.54mm
1uF 35V +/-20% 2.54mm
0.68uF 35V +/-20% 2.54mm
15uF 16V +/-20% 2.54mm
22uF 16V +/-20% 2.54mm
10uF 25V +/-20% 2.54mm
47uF 16V +/-20% 2.54mm
100uF 10V +/-20% 2.54mm
CA 45 chip tantalum capacitors  (alternatives for AVX TAJ, Kemet T491, Vishay 293D series)
10uF 10V A case +/-10%
10uF 16V A case +/-10%
1uF 35V A case +/-10%
15uF 16V B case +/-10%
22uF 16V B case +/-10%
10uF 25V B case +/-10%
10uF 25V B case +/-10%
47uF 16V C case +/-10%
100uF 10V C case +/-10%
220uF 10V C case +/-10%

Email: info@topdiode.com  MSN: topdiode@gmail.com   Skype: topdiode  Website:www.topdiode.com

Size (Package) Code Cross Reference .pdf

TVS Diode

Topdiode provides TVS (Transient Voltage Suppression) diodes that safeguard circuits against damage or latch-up caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD). Our devices feature low clamping voltage, low capacitance, and low leakage current.
Main features:
1. Ultra Low Capacitance
2. Low Leakage Current and Clamping Voltage
3. Low Operating Voltage
4. ROHS Compliant
Main applications:
1. High Definition Multi-Media Interface (HDMI)
2. Digital Visual Interface (DVI)
3. DisplayPortTM Interface & MDDI Ports
4. PCI Express & eSATA Interfaces
5. USB 2.0 / 3.0
6. Networking Equipment & Set Top Box
7. Notebook Computers
As for the detailed electrical characteristics, please refer to our website: www.topdiode.com

 Transient Voltage Suppression Diode (TVS   Diode)


Power dissipation

Voltage Range

P4KE Series


6.8V -- 440V PDF

P6KE Series


6.8V -- 440V PDF

1.5KE Series


6.8V -- 440V

Transient Voltage Suppression Diode (SMT   Type)



Voltage Range

SMAJ5.0 (A) ~ SMAJ170 (A)


5.0V -- 170V

SMBJ5.0 (A) ~ SMBJ170 (A)


5.0V -- 170V

SMCJ5.0 (A) ~ SMCJ170 (A)


5.0V -- 170V

Email: info@topdiode.com  MSN: topdiode@gmail.com   Skype: topdiode  Website:www.topdiode.com

Tantalum Capacitors Offer - Topdiode

Topdiode tantalum capacitors factory keep some regular stocks for below capacitors, do you have interest?
 ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 manufacturer, specialized on tantalum capacitors and discrete components


Email: info@topdiode.com  MSN: topdiode@gmail.com   Skype: topdiode  Website:www.topdiode.com