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Typical Applications for Different Diode, Bridge, Transistor

Standard Recovery Rectifiers 50/60 Hz Rectification--> Polarity protection
Fast Recovery Rectifiers--> Rectification of medium frequencies
Ultrafast Recovery Rectifiers 50ns < trr < 100ns--> Rectification of high frequency
Superfast Recovery Rectifiers 15ns < trr < 75ns--> Rectification of high frequencies
Schottky Barrier Diode Output rectification--> Polarity protection
Zener Diodes--> Voltage stabilization
Transient Voltage Suppressor Diodes--> Overvoltage Protection
Current Limiting Diode--> Constant current source
Small Signal Diodes--> Signal processing
Single Phase Bridge Rectifiers--> Single phase input rectification
3 Phase Bridge Rectifiers--> Three phase input rectification
High Voltage Rectifiers--> Rectification of high voltages
Arrays--> Combination of diodes in SIL package
Bipolar Transistors--> Control and signal processing
Field Effect Transistors--> Control and signal processing
Diacs--> Trigger diodes