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Why do YOU need to Second Source a component?

This was a question many people asked years ago before this market change. “Why do I need to second source if my supply chain is fine?”
Now, we are getting the question “Can you find me a second source?”

Shortage bothers everyone in electronic components field over year and it’s continue. Especially the shortages for IC, MCU, MOSFET etc. 
Lead time is being pushed out to 90+ weeks for some parts and prices are being raised sometimes more than several times.
Given above, it’s necessary for you to consider a few new Chinese supplier like Topdiode in order to secure and improve your supply chain.

How can Topdiode help?  

Topdiode Group (Topdiode & UF Capacitor) is a leading manufacturer of wide range components, covering capacitors, diode & transistors and MOSFET in China Since 1995.
As a Chinese factory, we are not only good at fast lead time but also quality control. Our market position is to replace first tier brands like Murata, TDK, AVX, Vishay, Littelfuse, Onsemi, Diodes etc with similar quality but much better price.  We keep stock for chip MLCC and some fast running tantalum capacitors, for balance, lead time is around 4 weeks.

Come to contact us for solutions to shortage and cost down, grow business together.